Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well if you are reading this you should feel so honored! Or actually I should say if you are reading this as it is posted this Tuesday night at midnight or before the Fredericksburg paper is distributed tomorrow midday you should feel honored. This is a serious advance notice of the fabulous deal of the week! A whole 12 hour advance notice:) We are posting a different special each week, and this week it just happens to be our fresh new fabulous Zutano delivery for boys and girls. Enjoy 10 % off  this week thru Saturday. These bubbly new prints for the girls are bright, spunky, and perfect for everyday wear. The boys will enjoy these fun farm friendly prints in preparation for the sunny weather on its way! If you have a tee tiny one Zutano has a great newborn collection that includes a 0-3 month size in addition to the 0-6 thru 18-24 month size range. These smaller sizes offer the same great prints in a more petite version until your little ones rolls are ready for the next size up!

there's this ^

or this
for the newborn collection

then this

plus this

equal this

or this

or keep it simple with this

or this

but back to this

and just think, no matter how you do it . . . all THIS is 10 % off THIS week!!!!!!!

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