Thursday, January 28, 2010

T Time

Great new line of super soft vintage washed t-shirts just hit the racks! These are designed and made in Hollywood - for all those who care. I would say these run on the smallish side, especially once they have been washed and dried. They start at a 2 and go up to size 6 years. The size six does look like its running a little long but once again, washing and drying will shrink it up. Great with shorts or jeans for a fun springtime look. Totally appropriate since it is supposed to be 25 degrees this weekend, don't you think?  ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well if you are reading this you should feel so honored! Or actually I should say if you are reading this as it is posted this Tuesday night at midnight or before the Fredericksburg paper is distributed tomorrow midday you should feel honored. This is a serious advance notice of the fabulous deal of the week! A whole 12 hour advance notice:) We are posting a different special each week, and this week it just happens to be our fresh new fabulous Zutano delivery for boys and girls. Enjoy 10 % off  this week thru Saturday. These bubbly new prints for the girls are bright, spunky, and perfect for everyday wear. The boys will enjoy these fun farm friendly prints in preparation for the sunny weather on its way! If you have a tee tiny one Zutano has a great newborn collection that includes a 0-3 month size in addition to the 0-6 thru 18-24 month size range. These smaller sizes offer the same great prints in a more petite version until your little ones rolls are ready for the next size up!

there's this ^

or this
for the newborn collection

then this

plus this

equal this

or this

or keep it simple with this

or this

but back to this

and just think, no matter how you do it . . . all THIS is 10 % off THIS week!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring is here!!!!!

Thank goodness, at least for the moment, we have beautiful weather. Those cold rainy days don't do my spirit very good, so God sent the sunshine just in time! And since Camden did so good in this photo shoot we are going to blame the yucky weather for all the tears in the last one. She had a blast running back and forth in all of these soft, airy, fabulous combos that just rolled in the door. I do need to let you all know that since I have been facebooking for Beulah's, things seem to be moving out almost as quickly as they make it on the racks. If you are on facebook be sure and "friend" Beulah Fredericksburg, and if not just be sure you let me know asap if there is anything you have to have. Ah this modern world of technology. I can't believe I am even a part of it. For the longest time I refused to join the masses in cyber world however, now I speed race to get pics of new outfits in order to provide these images for your shopping pleasure. The family and I will be headed out of town this weekend, but the girls will be here so stop and see firsthand! Since some sizes are already gone I am going to have the girls make a list of anything that needs to be reordered, so just let them know.

Enjoy the sun!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just In!

 These are made from recycled tees so every one is different. Do your part in saving the world and have your kids looking fabulous while doing so! Can you imagine, all you have to do is shop at Beulah's and our world will be a better place :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here She Is . . .

This is how I had hoped things would go . . .

but here is a little more realistic version . . .

Ahhhhhh the joys!

going to have Wolfie's pics done tomorrow so I will have some of the boys outfits in a few days, and also looking much more professional, thanks to Portraits by Jenn. LOVE her, check her out .  Have a fabulous, rainy, rest of the week. Come by and say hey if you need to get out!