Wednesday, September 16, 2009


KICKY PANTS is back! Several adorable prints from the line that does an amazing thing with bamboo. And check out the newest addition to the line. They have developed this great little "Auto Mobile." It stretches from one side of the car to the other, in order to provide several kiddos with entertainment. Simply attatch their favorite toys (making sure not to disturb your view out the rear window) and never again will you have to worry about reaching around trying to find that lost toy! Gosh, don't you just wonder how the mothers of yesteryear ever survived without all of these innovative products. An aunt of mine once laughed and said " I don't know if this new generation of women is lazier or smarter." This comment was made after I brought a dish to a family event that had been preordered from a fabulous local restaurant, rather than making it myself. My mom and the other aunts laughed and I believe the general consensus was definantly "smarter." I choose to agree with that and therefore am very supportive of new products like this which can only stand to benefit our chaotic lives. Am I right or am I am right ?!?!?!?  :)  

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