Monday, July 12, 2010


Wait, wait, wait! Don't worry you are at the Beulah's blog I promise! I just thought you'd all like to see what fun we're having on the block. I'm talking jack hammers going, building shaking, bull dozers crankin', dust everywhere, sidewalk ripped up. It's just all kinds of peace and harmony here at 308 East Main.
Beulah's is fine, it's actually Silver Creek that is doing some major renovations to accomodate the masses that line the sidewalk every Friday and Saturday night waiting for good food, great beer, and the most amazing cocktails (I know, I can vouch for it).
Oh, and just in case you thought you were going to get a parking spot in back, think again. Unless a nail in your tire, or tree limb across the hood of your car is something that entices you, I would suggest looking elsewhere for the next few weeks for parking :)
Yes this is what used to be our alley. You might be wondering what good could come of this chaos and why I would be promoting the lack of parking and the obnoxious sounds of construction, so here's my point. SALE time has begun a little earlier this year which means racks and racks and racks have all been marked down starting at 25% off!!!!!! Since Texas weather doesn't follow the rules of fashion, most of these sale duds will last well into the school year, making it the perfect time to snag some back to school outfits at a great price. If you follow our blog or keep up with us on facebook think of this as a special advance notice! Postcards are in the works for those on our snail mail list so you will definantly have the advantage.
AND!!!!!!  . . . . . .
---to reward you for putting up with the difficulties of the parking situation in this 100 degree weather, if you mention this blog post we will take an additional 10% off of your entire purchase thru August 15th!!!!!!!!

Now! - for the latest! Here's what just came in the door!
Racoon Romper - 3m,6m,9m

Bee Romper - 3m,6m,9m
The hiney of the Bee Romper :)

Polka Dot Sack - 0-3m

Bird Romper - 3m,6m,9m

Bird Set - 12m,18m,24m 2T,3T,4T

Bee Jacket - 12m,18m,24m

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