Monday, April 19, 2010


If it's been a while since you checked in be sure and scroll down. I have been trying to play some major catch up so there are some very recent posts further down. But for now - The squeaks are here. Just got the new sandals in and I am so excited about one of the newest changes they have made. The new velcro closures make it just a little tougher for your tot to tear open and fling off his/her new shoes. The girls got several new styles and yes there is one for the boys - -I know, I know all for the girls and only one for the boys, I hear it aaaaaaall the time. But unless your little boy is worried about matching his shoes, to his outfit, to his purse, just get these great little grey sandals. I promise he'll love them because they squeak, and you'll love them because they match every pair of khaki cargo shorts and t-shirt in his closet!

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