Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

Here's what is going on at Beulah's!

Last week we gots tons of great new fashions to encompass the little ones in your midst as well as any expecting mothers expanding mid section. Michael Stars did a great long sleeve soft cotton shirt with the perfect sprinkling of tiny rhinestones along the front. The top comes in chocolate, black, charcoal, or ivory. Please don't be surprised when you come in and find me in one of them. I went ahead and snagged one in every color. Today I am sporting the black one with chocolate leggings, below the knee flat suede boots, and a little black swing sweater with velvet covered buttons. Pardon me for putting such an emphasis on the adult fashions we have, I just have to share what a great line M. Stars has, and prove that maternity fashions can be carried out past pregnancy!
Now for the little ones  . . . where do I begin. How about the new suede fringe leggings! Are they best paired with a onesie, denim jacket, and kicked around pair of boots? Or do they suit the little ladies under a denim skirt, hot pink turtleneck and crocheted poncho (they're back!) for this fall season. I'll let you decide.
Pink Chicken has made their Fall '09 appearance with their familiar dress styles but a whole new slew of prints to choose from, turquoise indian inspired silk, a fresh take on a vintage style bird print, or a shoutout to the tradtional with a delicate floral smocked frock.
The boys can find great cord pants in several colors sure to keep busy bodies warm all winter. Be sure and check out our mannequins in the lobby at Arrowhead Bank as well! Our boys outfiits are appropriately accompanied by some pretty fabulous ideas for Christmas gifts, thanks to Spunky Monkey!!!!! Go see for yourself!
Last but definantly not least is the new Eurpoean line that was unpacked and fluffed this past Friday. There is no way to even try to describe the gorgeous fabrics that define this amazing line. Beautiful silk taffetas, delicate satin pleats, pearl buttons, and butter soft drapey turtlenecks. You have got to see these pieces. The older girls will find a classic skinny pant of winter white velvet, topped with an uber chic coordinating blouse. Yes I said blouse - I feel bad now for laughing at my dad everytime he referred to any of our tops as a blouse growing up, even if it was a t-shirt. However, this is the only term appropriate for this beautiful "top."

Do you know how amazing it is to come in to this haven everyday, (all stress and uncertainty aside), I get to walk in seeing the tee tiniest little clothes, then continue on to see fringe leggings beside tulle and taffeta. My Santa Claus arrives everyday about noon and the packages are torn open to reveal the most stunning, hilarious, or classic pieces for the season. Although I have seen it all once before it has been months since I have gotten to touch the fabrics and notice all the intricate details upon ordering. I am reminded why I chose these pieces and how blessed I am to be doing what I love. Can you imagine????? This is awesome!!!!!

Oh by the way, left my camera at home (oops) so you will either have to absorb and imagine through the descriptions I provided, or you can come in and see for yourself this week. Have to take Wolfie to the Dr on Monday so I won't have pics of the new goodies up until Monday afternoon - possibly Tuesday!

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  1. Great post - You should get personal more often! Your descriptions were so good, they almost take the place of a photo...almost.