Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I should be spending this day at Beulah's dusting shelves, straightening clothes, or coming up with some fabulous new arrangement for all the fixtures. But instead I am here behind my counter perusing some of the images of my kiddos stored on the computer. A lot has changed over the last six years giving me three good reasons to be celebrating this day. Funny that I am here at Beulah's while one is out throwing the ball with dad, one is napping at Sugar and D-Dad's, and one is snoozing in the back, oblivious to the days significance. Ah well, a mother's work is never done - But they are all so worth it! Take a look at some of my favorite pics!!!

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  1. So right, a mother's work is never done. I felt guilty today for not being at the shop. Hope you had a good day, despite missing the kiddos. These photos are so sweet! Thanks for sharing.